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Karstens has partnered with key technology providers to offer a ‘one stop shop’ to run your AGM/EGM

The reporting season will be here soon and Karstens is ready to help you make your AGM/EGM a success. In addition to our high quality conference facilities, we have partnered with key technology providers to offer all the services needed to run your next Hybrid Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Hybrid Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM).

Having a ‘one stop shop’ will greatly reduce the work involved in organising your next Hybrid AGM!

Already have a technology partner of choice? We are happy to work with your preferred supplier. Let us know when you complete your booking enquiry form.

What we offer:

  • 01 Meeting rooms ranging from small to large that can accommodate up to 150 attendees.
  • 02 Ability to provide more than one physical location (e.g. Sydney and Auckland) to conduct the same Hybrid AGM.
  • 03 High speed access to the internet and a range of presentation technologies.
  • 04 A wide selection of catering options.

Technology Partners:



Lumi Technologies logo

Lumi is the dominant player globally in the provision of software and real-time audience engagement technology to facilitate Annual General and Investor Relations meetings for Companies. Based on proprietary, patented technology, Lumi provides software, hardware, and services that assist registrars and Investor Relations Officers to register delegates and provide live, secure polling, Q&A management services, and relevant reporting.

More Information:

Gavin Reed


Loghic Connect

Loghic Connect logo
Loghic Connect is an innovative media production and webcasting provider of choice for ASX-listed companies, pre-IPO companies, asset managers and associations. Many companies want to engage better with shareholders and potential investors, and this is where Loghic Connect can assist. Our webcasting platform is tailored for listed companies to use for FY/HY results, quarterlies, investor days and Virtual/Hybrid AGM’s.

More Information:

Andrew Musgrave


Vero Voting

Vero Voting logo
Our friendly Australian based service team and cutting-edge technology is here to assist in running your real-time voting, elections, and compliant meetings (AGM’s, SGM’s).

More Information:



Encore Event Technologies

Encore Events Technologies Logo
Encore Event Technologies is a leading provider of event production and digital event services including a customised online platform perfect for AGM’s and hybrid conferences. With locations right across Australia, Encore provides a seamless solution for all your event requirements, whether in person, hybrid or virtual.

More Information:


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