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How to hold a successful hybrid event

With technological advancements sky-rocketing in the last decade, we can hope our future allows us to host hologram meetings and events. Until then, the most engaging meetings are accomplished with hybrid events. Utilising both on-site and virtual guests the hybrid event allows presenters to educate to audiences in front of them and around the globe. Interfacing with technology has shown its popularity and necessity in 2020. It’s important that your hybrid event and the technology is engaging for your guests and uncomplicated for the host to utilise. Northstar Meetings Group highlights 8 factors to consider for a successful hybrid event:

  1. Set expectations: let your participants know how they will be attending the event whether at the venue or digitally
  2. Think digital-first: your online attendees aren’t in the room so how will you be able to hold their attention
  3. Host the education on-site when possible: the energy you present in a room is far more interesting than seeing it on screen
  4. Keep registrations flexible: some of your online attendees might only be available for parts of the event
  5. Use tiered access: keep in mind what your participants are wanting to get out of the event
  6. Encourage collaboration between remote and in-person participants: will your on-site and virtual participants be able to talk to one another or ask questions?
  7. Work with venue partners: what does the space actually look like to your virtual participants?
  8. Keep the event going: allow for post event networking and community building in forums or on social media

As we engage in these different meeting and event technologies it’s a reminder that our collaboration and teamwork keeps us united.

Written by: Jessica Hausheer

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